Our footwear is made from the most reliable materials.


For genuine foot comfort, wherever your steps may take you.


Rely on the perfectly designed and resistant two-component sole on your journeys.


Truly safe protective shoes can also look great and stylish.


Cold-resistant | Prabos


Whatever mission you are on, treat your feet to perfect comfort in the coldest conditions.

Ultra-light | Prabos


Rely on your feet under all circumstances, without limits. You will hardly feel our shoes when walking.

Waterproof | Prabos


Whether you’re looking for an adventure or are called in the line of duty – enjoy a dry and comfortable feeling.


Prabos | Be Ready


Prabos brand shoes will always help you in your adventures or when fulfilling your tasks. Thanks to the safe step, you will handle any situation. And what’s more: our new design looks just great!


Whatever comes your way – fire, ice, water or other dangers – you will step through it without a scratch in our boots. Rely on Prabos footwear and become the one others rely on.


We make our shoes using only the best materials and cutting-edge technologies. This is the only way to produce shoes that will protect you all the time, anywhere, from any danger. Don’t be afraid to act!


GORE-TEX | Prabos


We can’t command the wind and rain. But we can protect you from them using this technology.

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Vibram | Prabos


Top quality, very resistant rubber soles that won’t let you slip.

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Italian design | Prabos

Italian design

Make an impression with the boots as well. You’ll like the new Italian designer styling.


“There’s an impact mark on my left boot, where a pallet has fallen from a 1 metre height. And no harm done, simply great!” 


private security advisor

“For me – really satisfied.” 



“81 kilometres in 7 days and on tarmac in the Beasts and – just superb! They feel incredibly light.” 


Arben T.

private security advisor

“This brand could be the standard footwear provided to law enforcement personnel in the Czech Republic.” 

Vlastimil H.

soldier - Army of Czech Republic

“If they continue producing boots like that in Prabos, it will become my number one.” 

Petr F.


“Gentlemen, I’m lost for words. I’ve had to check twice whether this was really made by Prabos. Well, their boots are getting better every year, but this? Absolutely smashing! Clearly the ‘shut up and take my money’ category.” 


Police of Czech Republic

“I’d like to say thank you and share my experience with your footwear.I am a radiology assistant at Klatovy hospital. The shoes we are provided by the employer make my feet tired, and my back ache. A couple of months ago I bought your S14492 VIPERA shoes, and very quickly experienced remarkable relief in both my feet and back. The only thing I’d improve would be higher breathability. We work inside heated premises, walking all the time, therefore the need for releasing moisture is higher.”

Bc. Eliška Duksová

“I am a very active hunter, and I’ve been wearing your footwear almost everywhere. High season, summer, winter – all the time. I’ve never experienced cold or sweaty feet. I’m a 200-plus pound man, and yet I’ve never had a single problem with a worn out insole or sole. Let me put it briefly: incredible boots.”

Martin Horálek

dramaturge Czech TV

“I can speak for the whole team – we are excited about Prabos footwear. It perfectly matches our needs, and it has stood the test of our demanding working conditions. Sand doesn’t get into the ankle cut shoes like it did with the ordinary trainers some team members used to wear. Our feet are comfortable in both high desert temperatures and late autumn, when the weather is pretty cold. We very much appreciate the flexible soles, because they allow us to climb rope or wooden ladders inside underground chambers often located more than 10 metres below the desert sand. We frequently work in a damp underground environment, where the sole has also done the job. It doesn’t slip. Last but not least, as an off-road vehicle driver I have to point out the convenient driving that would not be possible in a typical military boot with a hard, inflexible sole. “

Veronika Dulíková

member of the expedition of Egyptologists under the direction of the concession manager, Prof. Miroslav Bárta

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