GORE-TEX | Prabos


We cannot direct the wind, nor the rain, however, with our advanced technology, we will protect you from them wherever you go.

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We cannot direct the wind, nor the rain, however, our technology will protect you from them. You do not have to be worried about viruses or bacteria.

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Vibram | Prabos


Top and highly durable rubber soles that will not let you slip even under the most slippery circumstances.

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3M Thinsulate | Prabos

3M Thinsulate

Truly lightweight insulating microfibers that make your feet perfectly protected from the frost.

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Nomex | Prabos


We increase the fire resistance of our footwear by using nomex yarns and laces.

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3M Reflex | Prabos

3M Reflex

Thanks to special reflex elements, nobody will ever overlook you.

Dow | Prabos


Antistatic polyurethane system with double density for low weight.

Airmesh | Prabos


Modern breathable lining that allows your feet to breathe.

Extra wide | Prabos

Extra wide

Extra wide plastic toe box for absolute comfort of your toes.

Italian design | Prabos

Italian design

Make an impression with the boots as well. You’ll like the new Italian designer styling.


Safety boots according to 
ČSN EN ISO 20345

ČSN EN ISO 20345 SB  basic requirements
ČSN EN ISO 20345 S1
ČSN EN ISO 20345 S1P
ČSN EN ISO 20345 S2
ČSN EN ISO 20345 S3

Working boots according to 
ČSN EN ISO 20347

ČSN EN ISO 20347 OB basic requirements according to ČSN EN ISO 20344
ČSN EN ISO 20347 01
ČSN EN ISO 20347 01 P
ČSN EN ISO 20347 02
ČSN EN ISO 20347 03
antistatic boots
energy absorption at the heel
resistance to water penetration and absorption (surface material)
resistance to puncture – blade
resistance to cold
resistance to heat
resistance to contact heat
resistance to fuel oil
resistance to abrasions